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Professionally trained and experienced in diverse therapeutic modalities to help on the issues relating to the stress management, anxiety, depression, addiction, anger management, relationship management,PTSD and trauma.

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The Goulding process


The Goulding SleepTalk® process is the two-minute gift you can give to your children that lasts a lifetime. The Goulding SleepTalk® process is easy to learn, takes a few minutes from the busy schedule of parents everyday at bedtime, and it "can’t be done wrong”.

It’s absolutely safe, ethical and positive.

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There is a time in all our lives when we need a bit of a helping hand, whether it’s a shoulder to lean on or some inspiration to make changes. 

Perhaps you are looking to change an old habit into something healthier, resolve some issues from the past that are slowing you down or give some of your natural abilities a bit of boost, hypnotherapy could well be the answer you are looking for.

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Reiki is a Japanese word that means ‘Universal Life Force’ or ‘Universal Energy’, it flows naturally through everything and is the force or energy, that holds our Universe together.  This energy is what I refer to as ‘energy at its purest’ and as a result nothing needs to be added or worked on for us to utilize it directly.  It’s the end product used by our cells to do its repair work or growth.

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Our Approach


We believe in Mind-Body-Spiritual, holistic approach for self-improvement and is a way to go deep down in the unconscious level of a person.

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Displaying the most frequently asked questions so that all the clients will get  benefited.

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Nirupama Soni

About Me

Nirupama Soni, the founder of Synergy Locus.

My personal journey began with an interest in psychology, philosophy, understanding children's  behaviour, yoga, meditation and energy healing. And also, with a forever unanswered question in me, “why people behave, the way they behave” …While working all my life with a wide variety of people (personally and professionally), having different perspectives, psyches, behaviours, habits, their reaction towards the situations and circumstances, I notice that how hard it will impact the lives of other’s around them and they are not even aware of the damage. So, in turn, it made me more curious, motivated and determined to study the human behaviours and the root cause of it, which is buried deep down in the subconsciousness and I considered it as “a calling” for me. I followed my heart to walk a journey of a thousand miles from a huge corporate experience to the world of consciousness. The divine guidance took over; the Universe conspired to make my dreams into reality. Then after years of pursuing avenues of personal growth and awareness, I got trained in different modalities of therapy and healing. The techniques involved combined my personal and professional experience; hence got motivated to learn more. And I see a need to help families and children to bring positive changes by making healthier and happier choices in their lives and help them to heal from within by applying tangible strategies. 

I believe that the present condition of one’s life represents the culmination of all the choices one has ever made. Therefore, everyone is fully successful in this moment. Each one of us has achieved exactly what we have worked towards throughout our life. However, we can always take a control to create a better life through conscious awareness and selective experience. Yet, there is always a choice “NOT” to be a victim of circumstances or take an active role in overcoming obstacles, challenges or setbacks. Through these challenges, our morality, virtues and values are tested. Without choice, there is no morality; without challenge, there is no power; without a struggle, there is no self-esteem. So I wanted to support people to understand and learn to embrace their struggles or dark period of life, as I did. Victory is more than an easier life; it represents increased courage, conviction, strength, perseverance and is the evidence of self-love.

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