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         Empower. Transform. Shine Your Light 

   synergy locus

         Empower. Transform. Shine Your Light 

About nirupama

Nirupama is the founder of Synergy Locus and a qualified experienced Reiki Master Teacher. She holds a Professional Diploma in Psychotherapy and Counselling, Advance Diploma in Hypnotherapy, Consultant for Goulding Sleeptalk Process and MBA with an experience of 11 years in the corporate career.  She is an active member of Singapore Usui Reiki Association and International Association of Counsellors and Therapists (IACT). 








Goulding Method

my approach

In my personal and professional experience, I believe in Mind-Body-Spiritual holistic approach for self-improvement as it is a way to go deep down in the unconscious level of a person. I work towards understanding client’s personality and the power of subconscious mind then simple techniques like compassionate listening, positive affirmations and visualization can do wonders compared to other complicated techniques. Appropriate guidance to clients with a set of philosophies and concepts to empower and transform their lives to open the gateways towards positivity and well-being. My approach includes Solution focused brief therapy techniques with Hypnotherapy as it will allow clients to empower their innate self-healing capacity and to adapt their abilities in order to strengthen the skills which resonate with their personality for a healthier well-being. 

I also work towards the well-being of families, parents and children through SleepTalk process to bring desired changes in the environment and promote optimal functioning in everyday life of family members.

Last but not least, I was attracted to Reiki as its holistic approach method brings about positive changes and healing. Having greatly benefitted in my own healing journey, I decided to support others by helping clients to experience the natural and non-invasive wonders of Reiki towards a more balanced physical – emotional – mental well-being.

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A Personal note...

I had the golden opportunity to co-author a book. We worked really hard and it went on Amazon’s number 1 bestseller list. I wrote about my journey towards becoming a reiki master teacher. There are also 20 other beautiful and amazing stories written by the other authors. If you would like to purchase a copy, click on the button below. Thank you.

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