Hypnotherapy is a Mind-Body-Spirit approach for self-improvement and is a way to go deep down in the unconscious level of a person.

Well, I was always very interested to know how the mind works and “why people behave the way they behave”. In my personal and professional experience, dealing with people coming from all around the world, having different perspectives and psychic, made me more interested in studying how to go deeper in the mind and understand people better, help them to heal from within and to move on in order to make progress.

I consider Hypnotherapy as a powerful tool to facilitate the release of negative feelings and allow positive energy/feelings to flow and re-established within our body/mind.
It is a gift of life to help people /clients to get to the root cause of their problems because hypnotherapy is a process in whole, complete and teaches the client a set of philosophies and concepts to empower their lives.

And I am fully confident that hypnotherapy will help a great number of people to heal the emotional baggage and garbage they’ve carried nearly all of their lives.

I have had this wonderful opportunity to learn and utilize my present skills with the learning of the beautiful Art of Hypnotherapy………..and looking forward to helping my clients get rapid relief and changes in their lives and to open the gateways towards positivity.

Hypnotherapy is a combination of hypnosis and therapy, and is quite different from traditional therapy. Instead of spending years with a therapist, clients who undergo hypnotherapy will have an efficient, fast, reliable means of altering negative behavior. Hypnosis is just one of the thousands of ways a person can achieve their goals; however, if a client wants immediate results, hypnotherapy is the most effective tool. 


To summarize, Hypnotherapy is useful for:

· Management of Anxiety and Stress including stress related conditions such as insomnia, feeling low, irritability or anger.

· Psychological and Emotional Well-being such as managing Depression or grief, and building self-worth, confidence and self-esteem.

· Improving Physical Conditions by learning to suppress or control unnecessary physical pain or discomfort.

· Personal Development by regressing the mind back to childhood.

An integrative approach is used that combines hypnotherapy using verbal suggestion or visualization and age regression together with other psychotherapy techniques such as Solution Focused Brief Therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Gestalt therapy.

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